4-in-1 connected device!

Discover our 4 features to help you improve and follow your horse with precision


Monitor the health data of your horse during his training


Monitor your horse's heart rate in real time during each session to assess the intensity of the work done and check his progression

Calories burnt

Our sensors allow you to track the number of calories burned by your horse and to evaluate the energy expenditure during a session

Locomotion and organization of the session

Thanks to our locomotion data, you will be able to analyze the way your horse moves and to better organize and structure your sessions

Left/Right analysis

By giving you a breakdown of the time spent at each lead, Seaver allows you to have a better-balanced training, which will then contribute to your horse’s good muscular balance


Thanks to Seaver, you will have an overall idea of the time you spent at each gait and thus become aware of whether one gait prevailed to make potential adjustments

Cadence & Elevation

Evaluate your horse's regularity and work his gait verticality thanks to these two features

Trot symmetry

Measure the symmetry of your horse at the trot and in a straight line. Anticipate a possible lameness and act before it is too late

Distance covered and speed in real time

The speed given in m/min, km/h or miles/h as well as the distance covered allow you to evaluate the heart and body capacity of your horse and also to work objectively on your pace

Jumping work

Seaver gives you the possibility to monitor and analyze your jumping sessions down to the smallest details

Jump characteristics

Evaluate the quality of your jumps and adapt your trajectories thanks to the jumping data: height, spread and angle

Jump characteristics

Work the explosiveness and evaluate the efficiency of the jump technique thanks to these two features

Hindlimbs push symmetry and shift

Compare both hindlimbs push, detect back problems and improve your lateral control

Energy absorbed at landing

This feature allows you to estimate the impact of a jump session on the health of your horse and also to anticipate tendon or joint problems

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